Adeline Fulmer

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Adeline grew up in a small Ohio town playing every sport she could, which brought her to the Messiah College volleyball team.  After a year, she transferred to Lipscomb in the growing metropolis of Nashville, the city she now calls home.  In the spring of 2016, Adeline graduated magna cum laude with an Bachelor's degree in Food Systems Management and a minor in Health.  She worked her way up in her service club, Pi Kappa Sigma. She began as the service coordinator, then moved on to become the social coordinator, and in her senior year she served as vice president of the club.

Trying to gain as many life experiences during her four years in school, Adeline studied abroad in London and interned at Hale & Hearty, an English company that made gluten free and vegan foods.  She spent her summers working in The Adirondacks in New York and in The Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Adeline enjoys being active and playing volleyball on weekends and evenings with different groups around the city and taking her dog, Potato, on walks and to the dog park.