Dr. Christian Ryan, LEED AP

Corporate Sustainability manager

Christian Ryan serves as the manager of the Corporate Sustainability Roundtable program for Urban Green Lab, supporting Nashville’s community of sustainable workplaces. Christian is delighted to join the roundtable and to lend her extensive experience cultivating organizational change for sustainability.

Christian’s passion stems from a childhood in the Missouri Ozarks, where she roamed the woods and riverbanks with her primary companion, a temperamental Welsh pony. It was in this environment that she developed a deep appreciation for nature and the natural systems that are the foundation of life.
Christian studied Wildlife Conservation and Management at Missouri State University and upon graduation became a seasonal Interpretive Park Ranger for the National Park Service. Christian worked at four National Parks before Mammoth Cave brought her to Kentucky, where she fell in love with the Kentucky countryside and the community. She attended graduate school at Western Kentucky University, exploring WKU’s environmental performance as her thesis research. Her thesis work led her to be selected for the newly created position of Sustainability Coordinator. 

Christian served as the Sustainability Coordinator for WKU since 2008. In this position she helped to identify and develop opportunities for reducing the University's environmental footprint and better steward operational costs. She worked with students, faculty and staff to integrate sustainability principles and practices into the University's operations and culture. 
As a part-time instructor in the WKU MBA program, Christian provided business students with an organic perspective, using teaching methods that transcend the typical books and reports of academia and utilizing nature as the classroom. She instructed courses in the MA Social Responsibility and Sustainable Communities program on topics of environmental justice and organizational change.

In Fall of 2016, Christian earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership. Christian's current research interests include citizen leadership, disruptive wonder, and wicked problem solving.  Christian is certified as a Master Professional Environmental Educator by the Commonwealth of Kentucky and is a LEED Accredited Professional.

Christian lives with her dogs, Louie and Grace, in a 107-year-old house in Franklin. Kentucky. When not working on her house, she is spoiling and loving her dogs, running, swimming, cooking and eating.