Nonprofit Sustainability Roundtable

The community of sustainable workplaces

The Nonprofit Sustainability Roundtable — a partnership between Urban Green Lab and the Center for Nonprofit Management — is a community of nonprofits who recognize sustainability as a collective interest. This group believes that sustainable practices are critical in achieving our organizational missions and for creating a world in which everyone can flourish. In 2019, the Roundtable brings together a diversity of Nashville’s 1000+ nonprofits that are serving the community in many ways — education, healthcare, the arts, etc. — to learn, network, and exchange best practices around sustainable workplaces and programming that sustain our city.


The Challenge & Opportunity

Big challenges require creative ideas and collaborative solutions. As Nashville grows, issues of affordability, housing, accessible transportation, solid waste, food insecurity, energy costs, and many other sustainability problems will impact our most vulnerable the most dramatically. Understanding sustainability solutions will help nonprofits to more effectively address our problems, and working within a community that provides education, experts, resources, partnerships, and inspiration ensures a network of support for success. The Nonprofit Sustainability Roundtable is designed for this purpose.  

leadership team

The leadership team for the Nonprofit Sustainability Roundtable meets year-round to develop strategy, evaluate impact, and report.

Membership in the Nonprofit Sustainability Roundtable begins with a conversation to explore your sustainability goals and how your organization may both benefit from, and contribute to, this community of practice.