Sustainable Teacher Awards

Teachers serve on the front lines of sustainable living education and can have a lasting impact on waste reduction from future generations.  Many teachers take it upon themselves to teach about the importance of food, energy, water, and solid waste in our schools, homes, and daily lives, and the Sustainable Teacher Awards -- founded in 2017 -- are designed to celebrate their leadership.   


All teacher, administrators, and informal educators in Nashville, Tennessee are eligible to be nominated. Self-nominations and previous nominees are eligible.  Winners from the previous year are not eligible.

Nominations are closed for 2019. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners!


School Leadership

School administrators prioritizing sustainable practices in their school by providing options for students to learn and integrate sustainability into their own routines, supporting teachers, or advocating for school-wide green practices and infrastructure.

Curriculum Integration

Teachers who are integrating sustainable themes into their curriculum and classroom. This could include an interdisciplinary approach to sustainability and environmental science topics or encouraging everyday sustainable habits and practices within the classroom.

Project Management

Educators leading projects and programs in their schools or classrooms that are giving students hands-on access to sustainable practices. Examples include school gardens, sustainable living after-school programs, recycling projects, green clubs, etc. 


Sponsored by Tennessee Concrete Association and Hermitage Lighting Gallery. 

  • $200 for classroom supplies that further sustainable living education and projects in the classroom

  • Annual subscription to Learning Lab, an online educational platform by the U.S. Green Building Council

  • Invitation to the Sustainable Teacher Awards ceremony on July 8, 2019

Thank You to our Sponsors!