Solar Ovens with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nashville 2015

We had fun harvesting the sun with Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) on Sunday, September 27th in Sevier Park. In this workshop, Monte Carroll, a community member and solar oven expert, taught us how to build solar ovens. All you need is cardboard, aluminum foil, glue, the sun, and a buddy! The design we made with BBBS can fold up to fit in your backpack.

Solar ovens are easy to make, cheap, and sustainable! The possiblities are endless for what you can cook with a solar oven, whether it's heating up a meal or making herbed chicken. You will find that it's delicious cooking with the sun, and endless science lessons are imbedded in the yummy process of constructing the most energy-efficent oven. We had fun learning about the greenhouse gas effect and how to orient ourselves to the sun to find the best spots for harvesting some UV rays.

Thank you Monte for freely sharing your skills, and thank you BBBS buddies! We look forward to our next workshop together!

If you'd like access to our Solar Oven info and recipe handouts, contact