Engage Green: Recycle Y'all Tour 2015

Jeffrey Ezell, Metro's Recycling Coordinator, led us through a behind-the-scenes tour of how Nashville's single stream recycling is sorted and processed. From the scales to the tipping floor to the conveyor belt to the sorting rooms, valuable recyclable items are sorted, processed, and bundled for shipping and recycling. 

Our group was bursting with questions for Mr. Ezell, which he answered with ease. We learned that black plastic and hard plastic clamshell containers are OK for Curby, but that the greasy part of pizza boxes is not recyclable. We even ended with a pop quiz on recycling, and the group got an "A!" 

Knowing how to sort is critical, as if the recyclables are contaminated with non-recyclable items, Metro loses income from the recycling program. While our city spent $5.5 million last year to ship our landfill waste to Rutherford County, Metro can earn money from recycling. Last year, Hillsboro High School earned $30,000 for the school from its Metro drop off facility!

For information about Metro recycling, visit http://www.nashville.gov/Public-Works/Neighborhood-Services/Recycling.aspx