2015 Board Retreat at Green Door Gourmet

Urban Green Lab had our first ever Board (but definitely not boring!) Retreat at the Green Door Gourmet this past Sunday, March 22. Strategic planning was on everyone's minds as we came together to discuss Urban Green Lab as a resource and provider of sustainable education in Nashville. We are fortunate to have such a multi-talented, diverse, and passionate board, and so thankful to everyone for coming out on a weekend to strategize.

The Board Retreat was also the last official meeting attended by two of our original board members, Jim Fraser and Rich Hayes.  Dan Heller came out to give them a proper celebratory send-off. While we are sorry to see them go, we are thankful for their years of hard work.  We toasted to their service and to the  addition of  our 4 newest board members-  Lindsey Ganson, Brooke Kepley, John Murphy, & Carrie Plummer. We are hopeful that the inspiration, direction, and energy of board members-past will live on in our new team. 

Thanks also to Green Door Gourmet for providing the perfect environment to get our creative juices flowing.