Sunday Fund'ay in Sevier Park

Urban Green Lab is thrilled by our new partnership with Crepe A Diem food truck and friends. Every Sunday, beginning on May 3, 2015, a trio of food trucks will gather at Sevier Park to serve excellent, original food from 10 AM-3 PM. What does this have to do with sustainability? EVERYTHING! Not only is this food truck-stop donating a portion of their proceeds to support our sustainability efforts in Nashville, but this partnership elevates the opportunity for sustainability to infiltrate and enhance all facets of life, from food service to gardening to community development. As the weeks go by, we will have various sustainability-centric workshops and activities. Do you have a craft or workshop you'd like to see take place? Email with your ideas! Thanks to Retro Sno, Pita Pit, Crepe A Diem, and Sevier Park for ushering in an epic new friendship between sustainability and food trucks. Keep on truckin'- these  hardworking locals are happily providing incredibly high-quality and affordable food- not an easy task in a small, hot kitchen!