Green Garden Party

We are still beaming from a wonderful Green Garden Party this past Saturday evening, May 16th. All 150 guests and supporters of Urban Green Lab's dedication to the well-being of Nashville through sustainability education gathered in the lovely Belle Meade home of Randy and Michel Gross. Our 2nd annual "Green Garden Party" raised a total of $12,453.00 from ticket sales, sponsorships by NES and Freeman Webb, on-site donations, and a silent auction featuring the work of eclectic local artists. We are delighted and so appreciative of your support and filled with a renewed ambition to provide quality sustainability education to our community. 

As we engaged in conversation and laughter in the Grosses' lush gardens, we enjoyed delicious locally catered tapas by Alexander's, seasonal craft beer by Blackstone Brewery, wine by Mark West, and live music by Alan Powell. 

Executive Director Jennifer Westerholm thanked all guests, hosts, and expressed the great momentum behind our sustainability efforts in Nashville, encouraging continued support in the construction phase of our exciting mobile lab. Julie Hasfjord, a STEM Instructional Leader at Bailey Magnet Middle School, spoke of the need for sustainability education and hands-on programming in schools. Finally, special guest Mayor Karl Dean gave kind remarks applauding the work of Urban Green Lab and our role in helping Nashville reach it's full potential as the greenest city in the Southeast. 

Special thanks to Randy and Michael Gross for hosting, Alexander's Catering, Blackstone Brewery, Mark West Wine, Alan Powell for live music, local artists Dan Heller Stacey Irvin, Jim Meaders, Alan Poizner, Ian Riley, Beth Gilmore, Angelique Rabus, Eileen Schaeffer, and James Vavra for donating work, Bongo Java and Cumberland Transit for donating door prizes, event and fundraising volunteers, the Urban Green Lab staff, and all attendees. 

Cheers to a wonderfully successful and exciting 2nd annual Green Garden Party! We couldn't have done it without your support and we're looking forward to a summer filled with inspiring events and workshops for our community!