Bees, Brews, and Blossoms

Thanks to everyone who came out to Blackstone Brewing Company's facility this past Saturday afternoon for Bees, Brews, and Blossoms! We had a wonderful afternoon under the sun with plenty of inspiration from Austin Littrell and friends from Sweet Swarms Apiary and Thomas Solinsky of SoundForest. Sweet Swarms Apiary spoke about their exciting journey as beekeepers and walked us through the ins and outs of starting a beehive, understanding each bee's role, and keeping the hive healthy and thriving. We even got to taste a spoonful of honey right from one of their honeycombs - what a treat! Next, Thomas took us on a tour of his urban orchard on the facility's surrounding 3 acres. From blueberries to hops, this guy is seriously passionate about tree-planting and local foods in Nashville. We learned so much and were impressed by everyone's efforts to make Nashville a more thriving, sustainable community. Thanks to our lovely team and guests to making the afternoon so enjoyable - we hope to see you all at upcoming Urban Green Lab events!