Sunday Fund'ay: Origami Newspaper Seed-Starters

Newspaper is a great material to recycle, but it's an even better material to reuse. Newspaper is a multi-purpose tool for a garden. We utilized origami-folding techniques to turn newspaper scraps into adorable seed pots for starting seeds. Once sprouted, you can insert them directly in your garden, pots, or hanging baskets. Newspaper is a great material for this because it biodegrades, increases moisture-holding capacity, keeps out probing weed roots, and it's fun, convenient, and plastic free. 

With the tasty aroma of food trucks wafting to our origami spot beneath the trees, we were able to instruct and create a ton of seed-starter pots. Thanks to Crepe A Diem, Electric Sliders, and The Peach Truck for providing excellent service and delicious, wholesome food. 

Our Origami Seed-Starter workshop is part of our Sunday Fund'ay Sustainability Activity Series. We've got one planned for every month. Do you have a favorite upcycled craft you'd like to see? Or one you would like to learn? Let us know! Email