Natural Approach to Sustainable Fitness

Erin Pauling - Health & Lifestyle Coach taught us a lot at last night's Natural Approach to Sustainable Fitness event. When making health goals, find the routine and life choices that are good for YOU. No two people are the same, so it's vital to look into each individual's habits, history, goals, routines, and body before developing a sustainable fitness routine. As a Health & Lifestyle Coach, Erin is dedicated to balancing exercise with consuming healthy, wholesome foods, and reducing stress in all aspects of life. Through sharing her experience working in several exercise-focused facilities, it was clear that a more balanced, encompassing definition of the word "healthy" was in order. 

After a great introduction to Erin's passions and tips for developing a sustainable routine, we strolled through Centennial Park's 1-mile loop and stopped at various places to do some pushups, planks, triceps dips, stair running, and more! We loved getting the chance to move our bodies, enjoy the sunshine, and use our surroundings to enhance our workout! 

Thank you for such an eye-opening and motivating event, Erin! We hope to work with you again soon!