Trevecca Urban Farm Tour

Wow! Last night's tour of Trevecca Urban Farm was an incredible success! Thank you to Jason Adkins and all of our 30+ guests for making the evening so educational and memorable. before this farm, Trevecca Nazarene University was interested in what Jason could do with the surrounding food desert here in Nashville. Jason took action and brilliantly transformed acres of unused, grass-covered campus grounds into prolific gardens and sustainable habitats for goats, pigs, chickens, and dogs. Since 2011, Jason and his family, friends, various interns, community members, and Trevecca students have devoted so much time, passion, and hard work to making this farm bountiful and sustainable. 

Jason's devotion to community enhancement is inspiring to say the least. As an introduction to the tour, Jason spoke eloquently of his work and time as a steward of the land by explaining that there is "really no epicenter better for positive community change than farming". He is on the right track! His farm reaches out to the community through camps for middle and high school students. Jason stressed the importance of bringing youth to farming communities. He says, "children seem to be such a power source around getting families and communities to take charge of their health and impact the world". Jason, your work is so full of love and dedication, thanks for sharing it with all of us!