Fiery Fungi at Jackalope

Most people wouldn't consider growing mushrooms to be a farming business. However, Drake and Katelin, the young entrepreneurs behind Fiery Fungi out of Pelham, are proving that fungi farming is a sustainable, healthy, and delicious facet of local food in middle Tennessee. 

These two ambitious Sewanee alums put their passion for good local food and fungi to work upon graduation, creating a sustainable business model from their knack for growing mushrooms and the increasing demand for these alternative and alluring protein sources. With gourmet and medicinal mushrooms sold to restaurants and farmers markets in middle Tennessee, Fiery Fungi is navigating the farming world with diligence and calm.

Without any formal business training, Fiery Fungi has generated a large clientele and media base (check out their article in the Tennessean!) by forming strong, personal relationships. They answered a wide variety of questions from a full house at our final Sustainable Life series. Thanks to all who came to support Urban Green Lab, Fiery Fungi, Jackalope, and all things mycelial - we learned so much and are grateful to see returning faces at our events and workshops. Thanks especially to Drake and Katelin for traveling to Nashville after a full day at the Chattanooga Farmers Market and for Jackalope for being such a reliable and excellent host.