Bigs, Littles and their "People Power"!

This week we had the pleasure of hanging out in the Mobile Lab with our friends over at Big Brothers Big Sisters!

This was special for many reasons (aside from having to find a parking spot for our GIANT, oversized Mobile Lab in a SMALL urban parking lot) :

One - Instead of the usual single age - group of students, we had students ranging from 4th through 9th grade in one group.

Two - We also had these students mentors, otherwise known as their "bigs"

And Three - Instead of being on a strict time schedule - everyone had time to roam and explore and discuss the activities with their mentors.

It was a beautiful thing to see. The discussions and questions and curiosity exhibited by the pairs was really reassuring for what our Mobile Lab brings to the communities we serve.

We ended the night by making "people powered" salsa with the blender bike and eating and chatting about sustainability.  Thanks for a great night BBBS!