Engage Green: Bucket Gardening

Impatiens, seed vaults in Norway, mosquitoes, organic fertilizers and so much more were discussed at this past Thursday's Engage Green event with Lightning 100's Team Green Adventures. (You may be wondering if Bucket Gardening was discussed. Yes, it was. At the very end - after everyone was wow-ed for the first hour with knowledge of all things plants, seeds and soils!)

For the third year in a row, we have been able to put on this treat of a workshop with the help of not only Gardens of Babylon's generous donations of plants, soil and containers, but also offered up one of their expert Gardeners, Judith, to teach the workshop. Judith is a wealth of knowledge about all things plants. Her passion is evident from the moment she begins speaking to the very last question answered. Her energy, humor and excitement had everyone from the most beginner to the Master Gardeners inspired to look around them and delve into the world of gardening.

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed this workshop with us!