A Stack of Thanks

Last Wednesday the Mobile Lab paid a visit to Hunters Lane High School, located in northern Davidson county. Of all the grades we work with, keeping high school upperclassmen engaged proves to be the most challenging. this made it all the more rewarding when we received thank you notes from the 11th graders at Hunters Lane. Given to us by their teacher after the visit concluded, the notes thanked us for coming, underscored what they learned and encouraged us to return to Hunters Lane in the future. :)

Examples below:

Michael Green: “I appreciate you guys for taking some time out of your day to come and meet with us. We never really thought about electricity and water, like the way that we should. When it comes to things like food and water, we’re pretty selfish about it. It’s just that we dont think about what’s happening on the other side of the world. Most people in America dont realize how lucky they are. So, thank you for teaching us about something so precious to everyday life.”

Marquis Honserd: “Thank you for coming to our school. You guys taught me new things that I didnt know about the environment. You guys should come back and teach the younger kids about it too. And the salsa was good.”