a Night of Pervious Pavement & NetZero Building

Last night Urban Green Lab teamed up with Lightning 100's Team Green Adventures for our monthly Engage Green event at the beautiful campus of Tennessee Concrete Association. Between their wonderful landscape and gracious hosting, guests were in for a real treat! 

Guests were first given an introduction by Matt, from Lightning 100 and Jennifer from Urban Green Lab. It was each of their LAST Engage Green events before moving on to the next stage of their lives. (Thanks Jennifer and Matt for all your hard work with these monthly Engage Green events!).

From there, Alan Sparkman took the mic and dove in to the world of pervious concrete. Where normal concrete is impervious and causes there to be harmful run-off, pervious concrete mimics that of a more natural ground cover where water can absorb into the ground. This sustainable concrete is exponentially growing here in Tennessee. Questions? Alan is your guy! Contact him at asparkman@tnconcrete.org.

Up next was Holly Baird, the Director of USCGBC's Mid TN chapter then talked to us about the NetZero building on the property and how important green design is. She explained how we spend 90% percent of our lives indoors ... so we better make the most sustainable, healthy decisions for those spaces. Questions? Interest in green building here in TN? She is your expert! Contact her at usgbctnchapter@gmail.com. 

Last was Donna and her concrete magic of creating bird baths formed around leaves. One lucky winner was able to take one home as a raffle prize!

Thank you for hosting us TCA and USGBC Mid TN!