Meet Rachael Woods, Urban Green Lab's New Sustainable Living Educator!

We are thrilled to welcome Rachael Woods to the Urban Green Lab team. As the Sustainable Living Educator, Rachael will be managing the Mobile Lab and creating interactive programing for Nashville’s students.

For several years, Ms. Woods has been engaged in making environmental education accessible to all. She has researched sea turtles on sandy Florida beaches, merged the arts and sciences at youth programs set in the Carolina mountains, and brought science education to rural Montana students. Most recently, she worked with our friends at the Adventure Science Center as the Camp Manager. We're so excited to have her on our team!

Sustainable living has always been important in her life.  Rachael received her bachelors in Environmental Science from University of Central Florida, followed by six years of sea turtle research on Florida’s beaches.  Spending every day there, Rachael educated beach-goers how each of us can protect our oceans and planet.  Through this research, she worked for a non-profit in Tobago educating local fisherman about protecting these species, and the value of eco-tourism and research collaborations.

Rachael left the beaches for graduate school at Western Carolina University where she researched removal of an invasive species of fish from a river undergoing restoration. In the mountains of North Carolina, she worked with Highlands Biological Station’s after-school program, providing students an opportunity to photograph the beauty of the ecosystems in their own backyard. Rachael moved to Missoula, Montana, after graduate school where she worked with University of Montana’s spectrUM Discovery Area, delivering science exhibits to rural towns and reservations.  Her team reached students of all ages, many of which had never visited a museum.  Finding her way back home to the South, Rachael was the Camp Manager at Adventure Science Center, bringing high-quality science programing to youth in Nashville.

Rachael is thrilled to be a part of Urban Green Lab.  She’s inspired daily by the excitement and passion of students, and loves helping them see what they can do to make our city a greener place.  In her off time, Rachael loves tending to her tiny garden and cooking with all of the beautiful, local produce and meats Nashville has to offer.  You can find her reading books on the porch, picking up rocks in the river, and spending time with her amazingly adorable niece, Lily.